A global deployment case study of a forensics & eDiscovery platform providing visibility from collection through production.

We are partners with our clients and encourage a realistic
approach to discovery, not one based on risk avoidance alone.

Expert Witness Edge Team®

Our experts are your “translator” or “teacher” who can validate & present complex information in an easy way for those with less technical knowledge…

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Forensics Edge Team®

Our team aids you in finding & preserving relevant information using minimally disruptive, proportionate, legally defensible & cost-effective methods…

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eDiscovery Edge Team®

Our team eliminates your eDiscovery challenges & pains while controlling costs through our extensive experience & innovative practices…

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InfoGov Edge Solution®

Our solution is customized to deliver to you the information governance that reduces risk, cut costs, secures data & enables deeper data insight…

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Framework Edge Solution®

Our solution is an evolving technology framework that establishes a scalable foundation to integrate & automate your eDiscovery tools & processes…

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We provide a free initial consultation to determine the best team and solutions
to meet your needs.