Implementation Edge Team®

Our team believes in spending the time to find the perfect system to meet your needs today and your expectations for tomorrow. We will meet with you to gain an understanding of your current systems, needs and desires for the future system to prioritize new functionality and processes. Our planning and implementation services include requirements analysis & design, product selection, system configuration & build, data mapping, existing data migration, training and project management.

Expert Witness Edge Team®

Our experts are your “translator” or “teacher” who can validate & present complex information in an easy way for those with less technical knowledge. We take pride in being able to offer witness services to you and your legal team. Our years of experience means you have access to someone who understands the intricacies of data collection as well as the interpretation of that data. We have the skills necessary to provide our analysis in a manner that is easily understood regardless of the knowledge base of those who need the information we can provide.

Forensics Edge Team®

Our team aids you in finding & preserving relevant information using minimally disruptive, proportionate, legally defensible & cost-effective methods. Need help with cloud, mobile, remote, social media or computer forensics? Our experience is second to none. It’s not enough that data has been collected from all of your sources. You need someone who has the ability tell you what the data means. We’ll work closely with you to develop a clear picture of how the data was created and used, and communicate our findings to you in plain language, regardless of how technical the information.

eDiscovery Edge Team®

Our team eliminates your eDiscovery challenges & pains while controlling costs through our extensive experience & innovative practices. We are your partners and always strive to achieve the best results while achieving any cost savings possible. We prescribe a realistic approach to discovery and not one based on risk avoidance alone. The need to mitigate cost as well as risk is ever present and we apply our expertise to help you prioritize objectives and find solutions that are cost-effective and legally defensible.

InfoGov Edge Solution®

Our solution is customized to deliver to you the information governance that reduces risk, cut costs, secures data & enables deeper data insight. We can help whether you are managing a start-up and trying to develop an initial digital protocol, or your company is large and you think it’s time to update your protocols. Securing your digital records isn’t simply about implementing systems and creating corporate policies, you will need your staff members to be trained on the practices & systems you have put into place.

Harassment Edge Solution®

Our solution leverages innovative technology including AI and machine learning to identify common harassment patterns in your data. We use our proprietary engine and data mapping tools to turn overwhelming and disparate data into actionable insight. Our solution helps you develop a comprehensive understanding of your landscape to identify and disrupt potential risks before they go to far. Our combination of machine learning and advanced analytics augment human-led analysis to quickly reveal hidden connections and critical patterns buried in internal, external and open-source data.

GDPR (Data Mapping)Edge Solution®

Our solution can effectively map your data, help you understand the information flow, describe it and identify its key elements. We will help identify where personal data resides and in what format it is stored in order to decide what information you need to record and in what format. We will also identify the appropriate technology and the policy & procedures for its use to protect information while also determining who controls access to it. Our solution will also determine what your organization’s legal and regulatory obligations are including GDPR and other compliance standards.

Framework Edge Solution®

Our solution is an evolving technology framework that establishes a scalable foundation to integrate & automate your eDiscovery tools & processes, from identification through delivery, to improve your ability to respond in a timely manner to business, jurisdictional, legal, and regulatory requirements. The framework,is closely aligned to the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), delivers integrated analytic tools for seamless, real-time identification, tracking and reporting, and provides a robust mechanism to improve cross-functional collaboration, data reconciliation and defensibility.